Rob Wesley Guitar Buyer Comments

I'm sure that for many, there are concerns about buying a guitar from some unknown person through a website.
Therefore, I've assembled just a few of the unsolicited comments sent by guitar-buyers after they've received my guitars, over the past 5+ years.

Just wanted to let you know the guitar arrived safely yesterday and I
couldn't be any happier with it (I've barely put it down). Really like the
way it plays and also the fact it has a few little character marks, while
still being in great condition. I Also wanted to say how great it was doing
business with you on the guitar. It always feels a bit risky dealing through
the internet nowadays so it's really a pleasure to meet such a nice and
genuine person.
- Jon - UK

The Rick arrived yesterday. It is indeed, VERY nice. We shall do this again.
Thanks again,
- Kim - Victoria Australia

Hey Rob. the guitar got here already. Its great!! thanks so much for the good transaction.
- Dennis - Norfolk, Virginia

Yes, it did arrive, without any issues. Thanks again for all of you time and help! If in a few months I get
the itch to add another guitar, I'd have no problem checking back and seeing what you have available.
You've been a pleasure to work with!
- Brian - Rocky River, Ohio

Got the bridge yesterday!! Thank you so much!!!!
Sending you gratitude and appreciation.
- Nina - San Francisco, California

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know my Starfire is awesome. It's real hard to put down.
- Gary - South Grafton, Massachusetts

YES! Yesterday the guitar arrived and it is really a beautiful one!
- Ralf - Germany

I just got the guitar yesterday and it is AWESOME!!! dude, this is one beautiful guitar man, thanks for your promptness. It sure has been a pleasure doing business with you. Hasta la vista -
Very satisfied,
- Armani - San Antonio, Texas

I went to pick up the guitars today. The guy at the post office is a guitar nut, so I opened the boxes there. We were both blown away, especially by the Gretsch, it's a beautiful guitar. Wow, thanks a lot they are very very nice instruments.
- Fab - Boston, Massachusetts

Guitar arrived today in perfect shape. Thank you so much. I shall keep an eye on your website for more deals . Good luck and health in the future.
- Steven - Ontario

Hey Rob, thanks for everything. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and getting to know you a bit. All the best to you and yours,
- Phil - Victoria Australia

Fantastic, great '63 Firebird, just what I was looking for, thanks very much.
- Keith - Manchester UK

I opened the case and saw the beauty, so I have to wait another 8 hours and then there will be ROCK!
- Keith - Hannover, Germany

they're here and safe - well packed, thanks much
- Steve - Los Angeles, California

Hi Rob, Just to let you know that the Guild arrived. It did take a long time to clear from customs. I collected it from our mail office on 17th march. I must tell you that I'm very pleased with it. By the way, the packaging was very thorough!! The sound is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks and best regards!
- Leon - Netherlands

I am very pleased with the guitar (very well packed !) and I have appreciated your singer and guitar player talent.
- Sylvain - France

WOW! I got it! I am not kidding when I say this thing blows me away. Itís a howling monster! Good job with the electronics. I am so pleased with it. By the way, nice packing, too!
- Brian - Texas USA

Hey mate! The 335 got here safe and sound man!!! Enjoying it! It looks very cool in real life.
- Alvin - Hong Kong

Hi Rob. I just opened the box. She looks like a real beauty. Thanks for the good packing.
- Rob - Florida USA

What did I think of my new cool guitar? Frickin' awesome. Love it.
- Craig - Ontario

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I received the guitar.. it looks great, better than the pictures were able to reference.
- Steve - Grand Rapids Michigan USA

So, got a rather large package in the mail today... Sheís extraordinary man, Iím blown away, really very very special! Fantastic packing, she arrived in absolutely pristine shape and none the worse for the journey. Thank you for your professionalism and patience. If youíve ever got any aussie buyers who are shakey please feel free to pass on my email for a hearty testimonial!
- Oli - New South Wales, Australia

The guitar arrived and I love it. Really love it. Haven't even had the chance to string it up yet but it does look great, very true to your description and the photos. So I wanted to let you know that when I say it was a pleasure doing business with you, it's not just an expression. It's great that there are still people like you around. And hopefully it will be well worth it for you as well because I've given your website to a number of friends who were pretty taken with the instrument. Again Rob, many thanks. It's a beautiful guitar!
- John - Brooklyn NY

The guitars did arrive without any problems! Thanks again for everything, it was a pleasure doing business with you! I'll keep an eye on your site...who knows, I might find something else I can't live without...
- Adam - Nebraska

The guitar finally arrived (a bit delayed by French post) in perfect condition ( very efficient packaging!). It's a beauty!
It's been a pleasure to deal with you, and i'll be glad to recommand your website.
- Bernard - France

it arrived safe and sound
haven't stopped playing it
sounded paticularly good at 3am last night....according to my partner : )
happy as larry : )
- Ian - UK

Hi Rob.....Got guitar thanks ......Sounds great...Very happy thank you.
- Rob - UK

Hello, Rob. I got it. She's perfect. Thanks very much for all. She's just like you told me. It is guitare of my Life...!
- Michel - France

Rob, Thanks again for a job well done! Youíre a nice man and I appreciate your kindness, support and willingness to help me out. Iíll come back to you.
- Edward - St Louis MO USA

Hi Rob, hope you had a great christmas, thanks for the heads up, guitar arrived nice and safe this morning. What a beauty, a truly stunning guitar, action is fantastic and the coil tap works great with the switch at the right angle for fast changes.... Let me know if you would like me to leave any feedback for your website it would be a pleasure, and I would like to express my gratitude for being an honest and decent guy through this trasaction.
- James - Australia

Iím writing to say just how chuffed I am with the guitar. I love it. The guys in the band love it. I canít thank you enough. Despite HM Customs taking the shine off the price with import duty it is worth every penny.
- Trevor - UK

Got the guitar's just fantastic!
- Pamela - Nashville TN USA

Thanks for the smooth sale. I appreciate working with you and I'll enjoy this as a lifetime guitar.
- Chris - Nashville TN USA

Rob, I just had to write to you and thank you for such a beautiful guitar! You have made one of my dreams come true by passing this guitar on to me and she plays and sounds like a dream!
I must admit that initially I was a little skeptical about going through with this deal. Buying this guitar without the security of ebay had me stepping way outside my comfort zone, but I tell you friend that you have my complete trust and confidence from here on out and I hope to do business with you again, also hope to keep in touch with you as well!
- Darcy - Ontario Canada

Just wanted to let you know that the guitar came in..thanks for packing it with care. Thanks again for the guitar and the attention to details with everything...very pleased with the transaction.
- Freddy, Nashville TN USA

Hi Rob, and thank you for a great, venerable old guitar. As soon as I had the bridge back on and tuned up the strings, I realized that this is a gem of an instrument.
- Olav, Norway

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